Atari Women @HCDE Conference

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Friday, March 1st 2019 was the first event where we presented Atari Women publicly. We told the story about Atari Women, demonstrated our prototype of Atari Women re-mixed Pac Man game, and exhibit our signed game cartridges of Atari games made by women.

Dona Bailey Made Centipede

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Dona Bailey was the first woman game developer in the Atari coin-up department which made Arcade games in the 1980-ties and she made Centipede! Dona signed this miniature version of Centipede! Help us celebrate #ECCC & submit a question or topic we should discuss #donebaileymadecentipede

Welcome to AtariWomen

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AtariWomen is a research project aimed at celebrating the hidden stories of women, who made crucial engineering contributions to Atari games in early 70ties and 80ties. According to media historians Nathan Esmenger and Marie Hicks, women have been essential to the rise of computing in both US and UK – nevertheless, only few women are known […]