Live Stage Interview

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Tune in online and follow the live stage interview from Emerald City Comic Con 2019 about the Atari Women project at 2:30-2:45pm (Pacific Time) Thursday March 14th 2019 –

Atari Women @HCDE Conference

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Friday, March 1st 2019 was the first event where we presented Atari Women publicly. We told the story about Atari Women, demonstrated our prototype of Atari Women re-mixed Pac Man game, and exhibit our signed game cartridges of Atari games made by women.

Dona Bailey Made Centipede

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Dona Bailey was the first woman game developer in the Atari coin-up department which made Arcade games in the 1980-ties and she made Centipede! Dona signed this miniature version of Centipede! Help us celebrate #ECCC & submit a question or topic we should discuss #donebaileymadecentipede