There have always been women in gaming

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The culture of computer games is perceived by many as predominantly male, but did you know that world’s first eSports champion was a woman? And that some of the first and most popular computer games were developed by women? DIKU’s Professor Pernille Bjørn aims to rewrite the history of gaming by including hidden stories about women’s important contributions. Article on DIKUNews.

Noelie Alito, Atari Game Developer – rare interview

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“In 1980, when Computer Science was a young discipline, my MIT software class was about 1/3 female, which might have been Peak Female for that department. After that, women tended to infiltrate the traditional white-shirt-and-pocket-protector ranks of the long-established engineering disciplines… and men went into software” (Noelie Alito, Atari game developer).

Interview quote from written interview with Noelie Alito conducted by Rob Wanenchak, AtariSpot

Rob Wanenchak discovered a ‘personalised’ Moon Patrol Atari Game Cartridge: Zorfon signed by Atari Woman Noelie Alito. These personalised games was a ‘christmas gifts’ from developers to their families. In this rare interview Noelie Alito answers a few questions about her education from MIT and her work on Atari Games.