Noelie Alito, Atari Game Developer – rare interview

“In 1980, when Computer Science was a young discipline, my MIT software class was about 1/3 female, which might have been Peak Female for that department. After that, women tended to infiltrate the traditional white-shirt-and-pocket-protector ranks of the long-established engineering disciplines… and men went into software” (Noelie Alito, Atari game developer).

Interview quote from written interview with Noelie Alito conducted by Rob Wanenchak, AtariSpot

Rob Wanenchak discovered a ‘personalised’ Moon Patrol Atari Game Cartridge: Zorfon signed by Atari Woman Noelie Alito. These personalised games was a ‘christmas gifts’ from developers to their families. In this rare interview Noelie Alito answers a few questions about her education from MIT and her work on Atari Games.