Noelie Alito, Atari Game Developer – rare interview

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“In 1980, when Computer Science was a young discipline, my MIT software class was about 1/3 female, which might have been Peak Female for that department. After that, women tended to infiltrate the traditional white-shirt-and-pocket-protector ranks of the long-established engineering disciplines… and men went into software” (Noelie Alito, Atari game developer). Interview quote from written […]

Atari Women Wikipedia edit-a-thon

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History is what makes it into wikipedia – thus to celebrate and establish the important work and contribution of underrepresented minorities for Atari games in the 70s and 80s, Atari Women are organising an asynchronous wikipedia edit-a-thon to re-establish the important work into history. For this work, Atari Women are collaborating with Wikipedia Women in […]

AtariWomen @ Google

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AtariWomen was presented at the ‘Software Developer Diversity and Inclusion’ (SDDI) workshop organized by Emerson Murphy-Hill (Google) and Margaret-Anne Storey (University of Victoria) at Google in San Francisco, June 4th-June 6th 2019.

Atari Women Heroine Costume to be on exhibit at Hypnotica 2019

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The Atari Women 8-bit Heroine Costume, a project created by HCDE students in the Atari Women research group, will be on exhibit at Hypnotica 2019: a DXARTS technological wearables fashion show. The Atari Women 8-bit Heroine Costume was among the critical design artifacts created in a Winter 2019 HCDE Directed Research Group, co-led by visiting Professor […]