3D Printed Atari Women Protective Cartridges

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3D printed Atari Women Protective Cartridges

In order to ensure that the women who created Atari games are not forgotten by the historic records, we wanted to create a representation displaying their contributions and amplify their value. Inspired by AtariWomen Suki Lee’s colleague, Jim Turner, we began to collect the cartridge of the AtariWomen’s games. Upon discovering that Suki Lee was the creator of games. such as Math Gran Prix and Obelix,  he asked her to sign the cartridges of her games which he then displayed in a frame.

This display of contribution was very strong, so we decided to collect the retro cartridges of the games where women have made important contributions, and create an official display for each. We sent each cartridge to the woman who contributed to the game, asking them to sign their own games and return them to us. We then designed and 3-D printed displays for each game in colorful frames. The frames are labeled with the name of the Atari woman and her contributions to the game–including the publication year and the description of the actual game. Additionally, Dona Bailey signed a replica of her Centipede arcade game, which is part of the collection. In total, we have 11 games and one arcade in our museum collection celebrating the contribution of the AtariWomen.

Games in the collection include: Carla Meninsky’s Warlords, Dodge’em, and Star Raiders; Suki Lee’s Math Gran Prix, Obelix, and Donald Duck’s Speedboat, Carol Shaw’s River Raid and 3D Tic-Tac-Toe; Laura Nikolish’s Spiderman; Betty Tylko’s Pole Position; Patricia Goodson’s original music to Pac-Man Jr; and Rebecca Heineman signed Space Invaders to acknowledge her status as the world’s first e-sport champion playing Space Invaders in June-Nov 1980. Finally, we have Dona Bailey’s Centipede.

Concept: Pernille Bjørn

Design, art and manufacturing: Rachel Kangas, Lynda Nguyen & Julie Sayigh